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Shave Balls, Why ?

Alot of people especially young upgrowing guys ask themself if or why they should shave balls. After i realized what benefits shaving the genital area had i just couldnt resist
and decided to go for it and have been very pleased with the results.

The Benefits

One of the benefits i experienced is that after shaving everything bald down there it is very easy to keep all the stuff clean. Now bald might sound a little bit frightening but
it really isnt that bad and there are more benefits. Most important for me is that alot of women like it when the area is smoothly shaved and they actually enjoy helping you shave.
Secondly being shaved just feels great. It feels great just like that and it is even better when having sex.

My First Ballshave

6 pm, and i sit at starbucks and write some stuff on my laptop. “Excuse me, Could you tell me where the gym is?”, Alarmed i jump up and narly kick my chair down as i look into the
most beautiful face ive ever seen. A gorgous girl smiles at me with her full blonde hair and brilliant green eyes, around her neck a silver neckles with a cross on it. “Hello, are you there?”,
she asks. Wow maybe i should say something! But i couldnt i was like frozen. After a few more seconds I finally get myself together to stumble:”eeh yeah nice neckless. The gym right?
yeah i can walk you to the gym lets go”. And without confirmation i just grab her hand and walk her out of starbucks.
Somehow Mrs. Fortune had a hand since a week later this girl I totally had a crush on ended up being in my bed. We did some good old stuff as i didnt knew any advanced things and
after a while just lying there she says ” ok i have to go know, what do you think about shaving your balls for the next night ?” “Great idea”, it comes out of my mouth, certainly not my brain.
“Good seeya then”. Arg and that is the story of how i had to shave my balls.

I had no idea how to do this so i just decided to use my one blade razor i also use for my facial hair and the shaving foam i had. Then i stepped onto the sink so that i could watch my balls
in the mirror and just started. Somehow i mastered it to cut myself 3 times and still couldnt get the hair off! Needless to say there was no woman in my bed this night ,)

Bad Idea : Straight Razor

I think i did about everything wrong i could, so here is a small guide on how to not loose a gallon of blood on one shave:

Pre Shave

A moisturizing shaving gel is a good choice for a dry shave, never ever use oil since this will cause the razor to gum up. And even if you decide to go with the wet shave
use a shaving foam or gel for very sensitive skin.

Also a good idea is to trim the hair before the first shave with a scissors since you wont get the 1 inch hairs off with a razor.
Also use a razor specially for the genital area dont use your facial razor since that one will get dull pretty fast and then it can
cut you easily on the more sensitive skin.

The Shave

If you go for the wet shave use a triple blade razor since these are less likely to cut you though i would actually recommend you to go for the electric razor if you
are not comfortable using the normal razor. Obviously i sugest to be carful.

Good idea: triple-edge-razor-electric.jpg

And there you go, you officially did shave balls and hopefully didnt loose too much blood.


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How Often Do You Shave Balls?

To shave balls is not that hard and if you get the hang of it you will be able to do it quickly in a few minutes every day.
In fact i recommend shaving the genital area every day since you dont want your girl to feel like doing it with a porcupine do you?
Besides if the hair starts to grow it starts to itch really bad.

Get Rid Of The Hair For A Longer Time

Some people swear on depilatory but for me it never worked. I think it has something to do withh the genital area and
most depilatories are not for that area anyways. So just stay away from them.

Waxing is the way to go if you really are serious about this. If you wax you will get rid of the hair for a long time but
waxing is painful really painful. I tried this once and i asure you its not worth the pain.

So shave balls each day and you will be a happy man and have a even more happy woman.

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